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Academy swimmers go to South Africa

23 February 2010

We are proud to announce that twenty three AKA, Mombasa students have qualified to join the Coast Amateur Swimming Association (C.A.S.A.) provincial team and participate in the South Africa national swimming championships scheduled to take place in Georgetown in March 2010.

This is a great opportunity for our swimmers as this annual event brings together swimmers from approximately 50 teams and clubs, and provides a wonderful soundingboard for elite swimmers to objectively assess their talents, as well as giving them an opportunity to further develop their skills under professional and world class standards.

Selected students are:

Level I – Urvi Dayal, Rohin Kanji, Karan Khagram, Mansoor Khan, Jignesh Hirani, Oliver Holding Fay, Bhavik Mehta, Nihal Shavdia, Raveena Mehta, Jesal Chandi, Aika Patel, Payal Sadrani, Munyasia Caleb, Katie White, Njau Njuguna, Shaan Vora.

Level II Shivraj Vaghella, Samuel Williams, Joshua Williams, Alex Chia, Akshay Shah, Jason Rose, Martyn Matiba.