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Academy Diploma Students Joining Youth Across the World in Service

25 April 2009

Youth from all over the world took part in community service projects during April 24th, 25th, 26th, to celebrate Global Youth Service Day; and the Academy Diploma students were no exception.

On Saturday, April 25th and then again on Saturday May 2nd, DP1 students were invited by the Aga Khan Foundation development project, the Coastal Rural Support Programme (CRSP), to participate in a wide spread tree-planting project just outside of Mariakani. The project is targeting communities in the areas in which CRSP works that have been affected by massive deforestation.

This deforestation has drastically altered the local environment, and is making it difficult for residents, who are mostly low-income farmers, to survive off of their agricultural work.

In an effort to address this deforestation, Academy students worked with other school communities to plant 1,000 seedlings.
This was an an opportunity for students to see first hand the conditions in these areas, to contribute directly to fighting deforestation, and to spend two days working together with, and getting to know, people from different communities. This event planted the seeds for future volunteer service with this and other communities that work with CRSP, through the Community Service Partnership programme.