44 UNITE Festival | Aga Khan Academies

44 UNITE Festival

27 February 2018

44 Unite is hosting its festival this Saturday from 11am-5pm. 44 Unite is a student-led initiative aims to celebrate the different Kenyan cultures under one platform. The event will include a variety of arts and cultural experiences. It promises to be a memorable and impactful event.

Some of the main aims of the project include:

-To promote pluralism in Kenya and bring about the aspect of togetherness in our society.

-To debunk cultural stereotypes that stand in the way of peace

-To lessen the tribal tension of the political climate in Kenya

-To educate the current generation on the diverse cultures that create our communities which will eventually lead them to embrace not only other people’s cultures but also their own culture.

The festival will include various games, activities and performances that will contribute to the celebration of our diverse culture. Early bird tickets are 300/= for adults and 200/= for students and you can buy them from the event organizers before they run out. See their Facebook event page for more information

Don't miss out on this amazing event!