AKA Maputo celebrates World Water Day | Aga Khan Academies

AKA Maputo celebrates World Water Day

22 March 2023

On 22 March, students at the Aga Khan Academy Maputo participated in a special whole school assembly to commemorate World Water Day.

The assembly featured guest speakers from Operation Water, an organisation that focuses on delivering "clean water solutions to the greatest number of people in need, at the lowest cost per person, by developing sustainable and scalable infrastructure projects." The speakers, Manuel Alvarinho and Claudette Lavallee, spoke to the students about the water crisis in Mozambique and around the world. After this, the students participated in the #OperationWaterChallenge, which consisted of the students carrying a 20-litre bucket of water for over one kilometre to help them understand how physically demanding it can be to fetch and carry water, a task millions of women and children take on. 

“It was very hard to carry the water," said Grade 5 student Rayyan Vadsariya. "I felt what the people that fetch water every day feel.”

Students from the Primary Years Programme also participated in a quiz about World Water Day, a puzzle and a water obstacle course.

Overall, the students at the Academy learnt a lot about the importance of having access to clean water, and how many communities around the world face challenges in accessing this. 

A special thank you to Operation Water for coming to the Academy and speaking to the students.