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Fee Schedule

Fee schedule for the 2020–2021 academic year.

Click here to download the AKA Maputo Fee Schedule for the Academic Year 2020-2021.pdf

*50% premium will be applicable on Tuition Fees only for Non-Mozambican Non Residents.
*Non Mozambican residents possessing a local DIRE, as well as students coming from neighbouring South and East African countries shall not pay the 50% premium.

+ Residential programme fee includes $11.140 for tuition fee, $5,500 charged for a resident student fee (fixed for both Mozambican and International students) and $850 for health insurance, monthly stipend, excursion trips etc.

1.     One-time, Non-Refundable Admission Fee is payable for each student enrolling for the first time.

2.     One-time Refundable security deposit is payable upon acceptance of admission. It is refundable when the student leaves the school as long as the required notice has been given in writing and “No Dues” clearance has been obtained from the school. No interest is paid or payable on this deposit.

3.     A sibling discount of 5% of tuition fees will be applicable for second and subsequent children.

4.     Tuition fee may be paid for full year with an early-payment discount of 5%, if paid before 15th July. 

5.     Tuition fee may be paid in two equal instalments, first, no later than 15th July and second, 15th November of each academic year

6.     A penalty of $50 shall be applicable on any delayed payments made without agreement with the Finance Department. Unexplained delays shall make the students liable to suspension.

7.     Tuition fee must be paid within 30 days of admission to secure a place at the Academy.

8.     Tuition fee includes course fees, the use of essential course books, library books, IT structure, science laboratory equipment and certain classroom supplies. 

9.     Residential fee along with a fixed allowance of $850/- includes accommodation, food, health insurance, utilities, pocket allowance, transportation for in city excursions and community support visits.

10.   Parents of returning students will be invoiced four to six weeks prior to the new academic year.

11.   The fee can be paid in US dollars or Meticais. For the payment in metical, exchange rate of invoice date i.e. 15th May and 15th September will be applicable as indicated on the invoice. The Academy however reserves the right to change this policy.

12.   Parents must provide the Finance Department (finance.maputo@agakhanacademies.org), the proof of payment made through direct deposit or bank transfer, even if payment is done by an organisation or a company.

13.   If a student wishes to leave the school, one term’s advance notice of withdrawal must be given in writing or, in lieu of notice, one term of the annual fees will be due and payable. School clearance will not be possible until the fee account is settled in full. 

14.   The Academy reserves the right to withhold results, school leaving certificate, transcripts or any other information and/or document until all outstanding dues are settled in full.

15.   Students who have been admitted to the Academy, and can demonstrate need, will be considered for financial aid.

16.   The above terms and conditions may be modified or new terms may apply to reflect changes in the law or our services.

17.   For further information please contact us via email on admissions.maputo@agakhanacademies.org.