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Young author steals the show

13 January 2023

Tamaara Nambiar, a talented student from grade six, at the Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad, is set to welcome the new year with the upcoming release of her soon-to-be-published poetry collection, ‘Undiscovered.’ At just five, a fight with her grandmother led Tamaara to begin writing her very first poem. Etched on her grandfather’s old notepad, was a poem she wrote envisioning her perfect day. “It was from then I realized how much I enjoyed writing, as I started writing more and more poetry.” Forging ahead to age nine, Tamaara had found herself writing a bunch of poems, subsequently, it was her grandfather; who at the time was also an author based in Kerala, who initially suggested that she compiles her works of poetry and create a book.

Now at the age of eleven, Tamaara has utterly embraced her passion for literature through the art of poetry and seeking inspiration from her loved ones, mentors and teachers and more impactfully, the issues which surround her. When asked, Tamaara was confident to mention the passion she shares on the global issue of climate change and its increasing relevance in society today. Joining the Aga Khan Academy in grade four and transitioning from PYP to MYP according to Tamaara has only enabled her skills and talent in various fields of literature, with the supporting guidance from teachers who would facilitate students like her to grow into more knowledgeable and proficient writers.

When asked about how important she believes it is for the youth of this generation to be empowered enough to pursue their passion through their talents, and further what has empowered her personally to do in return, she reflected upon her two most cherished hobbies; singing as well as writing poems, and how influential one of the pursuits is on the other. “When I write poems, it also helps me gather ideas to write a song, as they continue to inspire me together”. She states the importance she holds over doing what one loves as it serves as a benchmark for one's own happiness, and how an individual’s passion fuels their drive and inspires their work. The relevance of the youth to be empowered in matters of local and global significance increases by a threshold each passing day; which is what prompts Tamaara to express the significance of youth empowerment and for the younger generation to use their voice through the various talents and passions they possess. “Younger voices have more of an impact...If I was an adult talking about climate change, then I feel as though it wouldn't have the same impact on the audience”. Furthermore, she strongly states that “Many adults are hypocrites. They teach us to learn about the world and the issues but they don't focus on issues of importance...They focus on political and economically driven issues while neglecting rising issues like climate change.”

According to Tamaara, her aligned interest and skill in writing and reading, assist her in reward to her academics, “In assessments specifically, I need to be able to frame my sentences and voice out my thoughts to words, whether it'd be a subject like Individuals and Societies or even PE.” In addition, she affirmed the pertinence of the different skills acquired from her respective interests, through her journey as an IB student at the Academy. The Academy, conforming to Tamara, is an institution that is open to new ideas, harbours a variety of activities, subjects of differing fields, clubs as well as experiential learning opportunities, and is also host to an all-inclusive and inviting library!

Through her work of poetry, she focuses on writing about large along with small issues which may conceive an impact on society. When asked about how important she believes it is to write about real-world issues, and how she hopes her writing can contribute to creating change; she articulates her aim to educate and inspire through her upcoming book comprised of the many poems she wrote over the course of the past few years of her life. Along with stressing some of the themes and issues addressed in the book such as the ‘power of love’, she aims to express her sentiments along the lines of self-love and self-confidence and reiterate the notion- change starts within. In the span of the book, Tamaara explores a comprehensive range of themes, beginning with smaller issues, and then further moving on towards larger issues. Tamaara obtains inspiration from not only issues of the world but also things which inspire her like the universe, emotions, elements of the Earth, her love for animals and advocacy for their welfare, and even her recent travels which provided her insight into urbanization.

Moreover, Tamaara reveals working on a short stories book along with her father as well as aspiring towards writing a novel in the near future. As a young ambassador of the Academy, Tamaara represents the youth of this generation, employing their passion towards matters of global relevancy, thus moving a few steps closer to creating change and inspiring the people around them.

Interviewed by Zara Amjad, Diploma Programme One