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Primary Years Programme

The Junior School of the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad is an International Baccalaureate World School and has been authorised for the Primary Years Programme (PYP).

Foundations for lifelong learning

We offer the PYP for students in grades 1–5 (aged 6–10). The programme focuses on the development of the whole child. It is geared towards creating independent, confident and respectful learners.

Our classroom curriculum addresses the children's social, physical, cultural and ethical development while giving them a strong foundation in all the major areas of knowledge. 

The curriculum consists of five essential elements:

  • concepts
  • knowledge
  • skills
  • attitude
  • action. 

The core subjects we cover include English language, mathematics, social studies, science and technology. Our programme also includes a beginning computing course, physical education, music, art and Hindi.

Students and teachers explore questions in all subject areas using an interactive, student-centred approach. The knowledge element of the curriculum is enhanced by six themes that are studied across the various subject disciplines. These are:

  • who we are 
  • where we are in place and time
  • how we express ourselves
  • how the world works
  • how we organise ourselves
  • sharing the planet. 

These transdisciplinary themes of global significance are addressed through six units of inquiry at each grade level, and this forms the school’s programme of inquiry. The programme of inquiry is the conceptual curriculum framework for the PYP. The transdisciplinary themes ensure that they are "revisited throughout the students’ years of PYP so that they are immersed in broad ranging, in-depth, articulated curriculum content” (Making the PYP Happen: A curriculum framework for international primary education). 

The PYP develops well-rounded students who are well versed in all areas of knowledge. They learn to be intellectually curious, principled, caring, open-minded, well balanced and reflective learners.

Please visit the Admission Requirements page or contact us to find out more about applying to the PYP at the Academy.