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Unsung heroes: The wellness ripple effect

06 November 2023

On 09 September, a group of students from DP 1 and DP 2 launched a service project called 'Unsung Heroes: The Wellness Ripple Effect' as part of their CAS initiative. Supervised by Mr Venkat, the CAS coordinator, and Ms Sreedevi, the team of 14 members interacted with the non-academic support staff at the Academy, starting with the gardening team. The students sought information about their health, and the willingness of the staff to easily share their thoughts and feelings left a lasting impression in the hearts of the students. They also narrated personal stories of their life and the everyday challenges they face, emphasising the cardinal role of the Academy in their life and the strong sense of family and community they feel there.

Choosing a proactive strategy, the students spent time with the staff to ensure they felt recognised and appreciated. Warm grins and smiles were the priceless responses, and the joy observed on their faces highlighted the impact of small acts of kindness. This encounter underscored the importance of compassion, leading the students to plan their further line of actions, including free medical check-ups for the workers.

Inspired by the positive encounters with the gardening staff, the students expanded their focus to include the kitchen and housekeeping staff, delving further into the web of human connection. During their interactions, the students were greeted by the support staff with warm smiles and a genuine sense of belonging, as if hugging old friends. These smiles revealed silent struggles and unflinching tenacity, reinforcing the students' drive to express gratitude and extend compassion for all the seamless support they receive from these hardworking members of the Academy.

While standing shoulder to shoulder, the students not only chatted with but more importantly, listened to these unsung heroes. Candid interactions provided insight into their daily lives, hardships, and steadfast determination. Stories about goals, sacrifices and efforts to keep the institution running properly evoked thankfulness and responsibility, reminding the students of the importance of appreciating every contributor who help the Academy run and grow effortlessly.

Prioritising the health and happiness of these working members while acknowledging their priceless contributions to the school community, the Unsung Heroes team recently organised a fundraiser for a free eye check-up camp for the impoverished support staff. Through many initiatives, the team raised a noteworthy amount of INR 12,000, which is a testament to the environment of kindness and compassion that the Academy nurtures.

As the students continue their journey, the people they've met have an everlasting impact, motivating them to work towards the wellness ripple effect. They emphasise the power everyone holds to bring about positive changes and deep connections in society. Excited to share their experiences, the students hope their observations resonate. They encourage reflecting on recognising unsung heroes around us and aspire to inspire a long-lasting wellness ripple effect in the neighbourhood.

Can acts of generosity and appreciation serve as a catalyst for a wave of change, not only impacting lives but also fostering a happier, more compassionate world? The resounding answer is "Yes." Together, positive change can be effected, creating a community where everyone feels valued, safe and genuinely pleased.


A Reflection by Harshith Yella from DP 1