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Through the eyes of an artist

23 June 2022

These holidays can’t get any better for me! Spending time doing what I love, every single day is truly amazing. What do I love? Well, whilst I do enjoy several different things like singing, poetry writing and more, I constantly find myself dabbling into the world of art and design.

I always enjoyed watching videos on different kinds of art, as well as website and logo design processes. The incredible creativity that we can unleash truly captivates me. During these holidays I put what I learned into practice by working on designing mock websites, cards and letterheads for my family’s NGO, “Prison and Beyond India” (PABI for short). Apart from this, I have been going back to digital art after a long hiatus!

Working on portraits with a nice playlist of my favourite music is a feeling that cannot be put into words! My deep interest has motivated me to work on opening my online commission store through which I hopefully gain a more entrepreneurial spirit and independent mindset to prepare me for the future. Through my journey with art which began in 2016, I have come to realise that art is not only a cathartic tool for individuals but a vital transducer of ideas between communities. Art enables scientific, mathematic and literary circles to simplify content in ways digestible by the common public. From illustrating Aesop’s Fables for young ones to where art and 3D design aided in understanding the effect of the Covid 19 virus on human beings, art is highly versatile and extremely crucial for society to thrive.

In my life, when I pair my experience with both traditional and digital art with my fascination with Biology (particularly human physiology and zoology), I am opening a door toward a possible career path; scientific and medical illustration.

Overall, art is something I hold near and dear to my heart and I believe that it is what will impel me towards a hopefully successful and stable life later on. And so spending this special time to focus on me, through doing things I love has been beneficial to my mental and physical health.

I’ll end with one of my favourite sayings of all time, by Alev Oguz, that is as follows, “Art is the journey of a free soul” and I am currently spending my time finding myself, freeing my soul on my very own journey.

                                                         Ruth Shastry, Class of 2024