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Talent Buzz 2019: When talent takes center stage

29 October 2019

Talent Buzz, an annual talent show organised by the Academy's residential students was held on Thursday 29th September at the Commons. There were about 30 incredible performances put together by talented students from Junior and Senior Schools. 

Students performing at Talent Buzz 2019.It is this day of the year when residential students come together to celebrate the spirit of diversity by showcasing their unique gifts and talents.  

Junior School students at Talent Buzz 2019.Talent Buzz was organised by a powerful all-girls team of four, namely Aashraya Dutt, Aafreen Prasla, Arshi Merchant and Ananya Shah. The look and feel of the commons was beautifully recreated with full-blast speakers, focus lights, colourful streamers and smoke machines With over 200 residential students and faculty members cheering and applauding in the audience, the event proved to be a smashing success! 

Talent Buzz 2019The event was a host to many varieties of acts and performances like beatboxing, singing, dancing, instrument playing, poetry, etc. Judges for this wonderful event were two amazing teachers in the field of music and dance, Ms Nivedita Paul (grade 3 Form tutor) and Mr Subhodip Sarkar (Music Specialist). 

Talent Buzz 2019 winners:

First place: Nihal Bibikar (DP2) - Dancing

Second place: Ritvik Verma (DP2) - Beatboxing

Third place: Kaleem, an exchange student from the Mombasa Academy (grade 9) - Guitar solo performance 

Fourth place: Nakshatra Reddy (DP1) - Dancing 

Fifth place: Iliyan Hariyani, Iliyan Gowlani, Vignesh Reddy and Sazil Ramani (a group of singers and instrumentalists from DP2) - Vocal recital accompanied by a Cajon

Students dancing at Talent Buzz 2019.“Talent Buzz was an excellent exhibition of different skills as it portrayed talents from different backgrounds in a creative manner.”, said Iliyan Gowlani, one of the performers. With music, waves of laughter and beautiful performances, students truly made the event a night to remember!  


Contributed by Ananya Shah

Photos by Ayan Boghani