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Students recreate Hyderabad Bazaars in classrooms

13 November 2019

Students of grade 3 recreated the bazaars of Hyderabad in the Academy Junior School last week. Junior School parents, teachers and students of all the grades across the school were invited to witness the gala affair. 

"What do you sell, 0 ye merchants?

Richly your wares are displayed,

Turbans of crimson and silver,

Tunics of purple brocade,

Mirrors with panels of amber,

Daggers with handles of jade." 

Students took inspiration from Sarojini Naidu's, beautiful poem, 'In the Bazaars of Hyderabad', where she praises the city for its rich culture and its many traditional bazaars. Students were assessed on the third line of inquiry- ‘Historical influences on our local culture’ and the transdisciplinary theme was ‘where we are in place and time’.  

Different stalls depicting bazaars in the old and new city were put up by the students. Right from famous Hyderabadi biryani to shops selling antiques and artefacts - students beautifully showcased the rich cultural heritage of the city! 

While this activity encouraged students to perform a thorough research on the given topic, many of them took the initiative of actually visiting some of the city's old and famous bazaars like Begum Bazaar, Mozaam Jahi market, to name a few. Students interacted with local vendors and heard stories of their grandfathers and great-grandfathers. 

Two Academy teachers, Ms Sheila and Ms Sue, exclaimed, “We now know where to go and shop in Hyderabad!” Ms Chloe, PYP Coordinator, on the other hand, was amazed by the way the class was transformed into an actual market place!   

Not just the Academy teachers but even parents were awestruck by the grandeur displayed by our junior vendors! “All the children are so engaged and they have an incredible sense of ownership,” said Ms Srujana, parent of a grade 3 student. Ms Sarmistha, who accompanied students of grade 8 said: “Our children love to come back to Junior school again and again for things like this!”  

Finally, the assessors, the exchange students of the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa, who are in Hyderabad campus, marked the end of the busy day by conducting a formative assessment. Once again, the Academy Junior School proved that assessments can be fun! 


Contributed by Ms Nivedita Paul