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Student Spotlight - Using an enriching experience to implement positive change

03 December 2021

My name is Pratibha Priya and I joined the Academy five years ago in the 7th grade.

I joined the Academy from a local public school in Delhi where most of the children from my community used to go. I was a student there from Grade 2. When I was in Grade 6, I was taught by Fellows from the Teach for India Programme.  They had contacts at the Aga Khan Academy in Hyderabad and I was encouraged to apply.  A  few months later, I found myself at the Academy!

My first few weeks at the Academy were particularly challenging since the curriculum was entirely new to me. I instantly loved the campus which is so beautiful! Luckily, because I joined in Grade 7, most of my classmates were adapting to the switch from the PYP to the MYP, but concepts were still complicated for me. The teachers at the Academy were instrumental in my settling down faster – they were and are so supportive, and never held it against me when things went wrong, but instead, saw how I could plan ahead and do better.

This past year at the Academy, I have involved myself in a wide variety of activities. I am on the Executive Board for the Tuck Shop and I am looking forward to taking it over from our seniors and running it. I have also been a part of the team working on the Organic Farm on campus. It’s been wonderful connecting with nature, having the opportunity to work on a farm and understanding ethical farming. I am also on the Student Council for my grade this year, which is something I couldn’t have imagined when I first joined – I barely spoke when I joined the Academy! 

Most importantly, I have been working on the Leaders for Tomorrow programme with the External Relations office. I applied for the position because I am a beneficiary of the programme and know firsthand what it means to be a part of the Academy. Yes, there are ups and downs, but I am an entirely different person as a result of my time here and would really like to see more young students have this opportunity.

The Academy had changed my perspective on so many things. I am more understanding and sensitive to people from different backgrounds and walks of life. Coming from a small community and seeing the same people every day, life on campus and in the residences has allowed me to be myself. Surrounded by students my own age, I have had the chance to grow and not be judged.

Looking ahead, I want to do something I am passionate about, perhaps something in either literature or economics. I have had such an enriching experience here and hope that I am able to use that to implement positive change.