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Student Spotlight - Sneha Abwani

25 May 2021

I have been here so long that it has seen me through the phase of my milk teeth falling. Yup, not even joking! At the very beginning, I was extremely nervous but all the more excited when I got enrolled in the Academy in 2011. With the communication skills of a rock, I was right to be nervous. However, it did not take long for the Academy to help me settle in with a new family of 60 at the time. I have lived in Hyderabad for the entirety of my school life. Waking up at 6 AM every morning to board the bus from Alfa Bakery, for a decade now. As monotonous as my mornings sound, there was not a day where I wasn’t excited to arrive at my final destination. 

I have basically grown up with the Academy. My personality, perception, ideas and beliefs have a horcrux of AKA H in them. My interest in sports and fitness, my love for biology and TOK, my passion for theatre and art, as well as my interpersonal skills. In other words, I have been shaped by the Academy. This school has taught me HOW to think, to be imaginative, nourished my creativity, and given me the ability to think critically. This has shaped my life’s philosophies and the ideal-self I look forward to becoming one day.

Due to COVID-19 and all that followed, I miss being physically present on campus. I miss walking towards the Senior School from the round-about and having Dr Long greet us with his warm and welcoming smile. I miss the walk to the Commons, or rushing to get to the PSHE lessons on time. The past year has been a challenge for all us but we fought as a team and I am glad that we did.

The legendary fictional scientist Rick Sanchez once said, “Nobody exists on purpose, Nobody belongs anywhere, we’re all going to die.” Pardon the timing of this quote, but that’s what happens when you binge Rick and Morty to cope with distance learning. Rick makes me realize that I need to live and not let the pandemic get the best of me. All I have is myself and I should not wait around for things being handed to me, I need to go out there and look for opportunities. That is what the Academy has to offer… like it always has even before the pandemic.

 Sneha Abwani, DP1