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Tvisha Devavarapu - Class of 2018 top scorer

Tvisha Devavarapu, from the graduating class of 2018, was one of the Academy's two highest scorers in her IB exams with a 42/45. She is also the recipient of the Bowdoin College Book Award 2018. The award goes to students who demonstrate extraordinary service to the public good and an unusual passion for inquiry, discovery and innovative thinking. “Looking back, I've got to agree that all the hard work and effort that I had put in from grade 9, from football, to study, to service, actually ended up paying off! This award, to me, is a sign that reaffirms my faith in continual hard work and focus in a balanced manner,” she says. 

Tvisha never shied away from sports and captained the Nizam house in her final year of school. She also loves reading and led the Academy's Modern Literature in Translations Club. At the same time, Tvisha was also excellent academically.  “Football enabled me to balance my studies,” she says. “It was an exhilarating stress buster. I’ve never had more fun in school than whilst I was playing football.” She also attributes a lot of friendships she made to the game.

Tvisha joined the Academy in grade 9 because she felt that the school’s values aligned with hers. “The Academy’s mission statement offered a more promising and holistic learning experience compared to the other schools,” she said. Once at the Academy, Tvisha lapped up all she could of the IB curriculum. She enjoyed the objectivity in Biology and Maths classes, and also appreciated the nuances of History and English. She was an active participant in Theory of Knowledge discussions and service activities.

Tvisha volunteered at Teach for Change, an NGO that gave her the opportunity to teach at a public school. “I didn’t only aid the children with their communication and leadership skills but also worked on my own character and values,” she says of the experience. “I strengthened  my commitment, resilience, and communication skills, learning to accept and react to challenges in a proactive manner.” Grade 11 students are actively encouraged to take part in summer service internships at locations across India, working with AKDN (Aga Khan Development Network) institutions and other non-profits. “The Academy has a very unique, highly diverse and multicultural environment,” says Tvisha. “This really played a role in enabling me to broaden my perspective through a cosmopolitan way of perceiving things.”

Tvisha is headed to pursue her undergraduate studies at the University of California, San Diego in September 2018. In the near future, Tvisha wants to focus on science and research. But in the long run, Tvisha wants to try her hand at teaching if she gets the chance. “This must surely be the impact of my experience at the Academy,” she says. “Spending time with people like Ms. Alex, I’ve seen the dynamics of the intersection between professional study and academics and how that enables a fuller scope for learning.”