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Tanish Panjwani (Class of 2019) - advocating scientific solutions for a better world

Tanish Panjwani is an alumnus of the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad's Class of 2019 and is determined to follow a path he will carve independently, “off the beaten track.” He attributes this fierce individuality to the opportunities he has been presented with in school.

"The Academy has pushed me to boundaries and spaces which I never imagined being in,” he expressed. “It has taught me many important life lessons which I wish to take with me as I move towards university. One of these is to always try something new. It gave me so many opportunities to explore my passions for which I am eternally thankful."

Tanish was one of the three student organisers of Academy in Hyderabad’s pioneering TEDx conference, which took place in May 2018.

TEDxYouth@AKAHyderabad began as a revolution of ideas that inspired me to dream big and accomplish more. I wanted the students in the Academy to dream and imagine with the same ferocity, and come up with ideas that not only solve global problems but also inspire. This was my motivation behind organising such a conference here.”

Additionally, he held key leadership positions in the Academy’s Model UN conferences, played in the Senior School football team and was a chief editor of the student newsletter. 

However Tanish’s passion lies in the realm of physics, believing in the power of scientific solutions to address current global issues.

“A better understanding of our surroundings helps us gain a better understanding of ourselves," he said. "The biggest breakthroughs have come from principles based on physics  smartphones and normal appliances are built on the foundations of quantum tunneling. Not understanding physics hinders us from truly understanding the world around us.” 

For his Grade 10 personal project, Tanish focused on the importance of a future free of climate change and pollution. He used an old television to make a cathode ray tube (CRT) that disintegrated plastic and created something new in its place. He draws inspiration from his physics teacher Sudipta Roy.

“He teaches with such great passion and his zestful energy lights up my mood inspiring me to study even the most boring (and difficult) topics.” 

Tanish was accepted into University College London and the University of Glasgow to study pure physics, and intends to make connections in the fields that interest him. He wants to get involved in actively educating people about the possibilities of approaching everyday problems through the lens of science, by utilising concepts learnt within classrooms to bring small changes in their immediate environments, leading to big changes in a bigger context.

Contributed by Saheb Lakhani (Class of 2014).