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Syeda Sayema Mayesha – tackling global issues through film

Watch Sayema's film "One Sky, Two Souls" below.

Sayema, currently in grade 11, directed and produced an impactful short film to create awareness on child rights for her IB MYP Personal Project towards the end of her IB Middle Years Programme journey. The film was screened in February 2017 at the Academy’s annual ‘innovation expo’.

What caused her to pursue this particular project? “I was inspired to make this film as I have often observed how privileged children do not appreciate what they have, whereas the ones who suffer continue to do so as they are neglected,” Sayema explains. “As a student of the Academy, where children are given the opportunity of holistic education regardless of their financial background, I could not have worked on a better project.”

Sayema is from Bangladesh and studied at the Aga Khan School in Dhaka before joining the Hyderabad Academy in 2014. Her favourite subject is I&S (Individuals and Societies), particularly Economics, because she loves how it engages students and sharpens their perception about the real world. “15 years from now, I see myself completing my higher studies in International Relations and working as a Public Relations Executive. The Academy has influenced this career choice as it has broadened my knowledge and perspective about the world making me enthusiastic to be a leader and play a part in constructive change.”

Soccer is a passion for Sayema, and she has been part of the Academy Senior School girls’ soccer team from the beginning. “It has been a splendid experience for me to play home ground tournaments as well as outside tournaments and win the first ever trophy for the team in Kerala.” Another momentous occasion for her was when she won the ‘Best Delegate Award’ at her first ever Academy Model United Nations in 2015. She is now a passionate MUN participant.

Her knowledge of global issues and her desire to contribute to social change is evident through the film that she made, discussing child rights through the angle of education and labour. “Ensuring child rights today will ensure a brighter future for all tomorrow. The entire process has taught me many aspects of filmmaking. It has taught me to become a leader while working with a team. I have learnt how to deliver stories to the world through my own lens.”

Watch Sayema's film: