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Sudipta Roy: Incomparably simple and unpretentious

Mr Sudipta Kumar Roy is the Diploma Coordinator at the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad and comes with over 20 years of extensive experience in pedagogy. He joined the Academy in the year 2013 and since then has become a favourite amongst the students, peers and parents. 

A Bengali born in Kanpur and brought up in Chennai, Mr Sudipta has an interesting background to his credit. His father Shri (late) Narendra Kumar Roy had worked in the Indian Ordnance Factories Service under the Mistry of Defence, and his mother Smt Namita Roy was a housewife. Mr Sudipta graduated in Physics from the Loyola College, Chennai and later pursued a Master in Science Education in Physics from Regional Institute of Education (RIE-NCERT), Mysore. His journey as a teacher formally began in June 1994. "I went to Bhutan after my father retired. I was there for 12 years and most of my early teaching-learning happened in Bhutan," he recalls. 

When asked what persuaded him to choose a career in teaching and education, Mr Sudipta swiftly pushed back his thick eyeglasses and responded with a smile, "It was my passion to interact with young learners and support them in becoming successful global citizens. I have always considered myself to be a constant learner- by learning along with my students! I had spent most of my early teaching career in remote places where students did not have adequate means and resources to afford a good education. AKAH, on the other hand, supports students, regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds." 

Like many others, Mr Sudipta too was swayed by the Academy's beautiful green campus built on a massive 100 acres land. But that was not the only reason why he decided to join the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad. "The most important factor that lead me towards the Academy was the school’s philosophy which involves an ethical approach to leadership. In today's time, it is important that we also teach our children some valuable lessons that would eventually help them grow as responsible individuals." 

Mr Sudipta believes that the Academy has helped him in acquiring knowledge and skill sets that are essential to succeed as a professional IB facilitator. He also gives credits to his students and quotes, "I thank all my students from whom I have developed many new skills especially in last 6 years. I think it has always been two-ways of learning that was happening. But I also understand that there is a lot more to learn in coming times and I will dedicate myself towards the vision of the Academy."  

He has acted as a mentor to so many of Academy's senior school students and always took pride in their accomplishments. One such memory that he holds onto dearly is of his ex-student. "The day I got to know that my student had designed software for cruise control electric cars, I felt so happy that I couldn't stop myself from smiling all day! My student has now completed projects with IBM and has proven to be a successful lifelong learner! She is also working towards building technology for better sustainable future. The same day called for double celebrations as I got promoted to the role of a Diploma Programme Coordinator. This meant that I had bigger challenges set in front of me and a lot of expectations to fulfil. I could also feel the amount of faith my colleagues had in me!" 

Physics being his favourite subject, Mr Sudipta enjoys designing study materials for students. He has a dedicated website and a Youtube channel where he publishes many useful resources that are easily accessible to anyone for free! Mr Sudipta is one of the many teachers in the Academy who works tirelessly for the betterment of students. His views on motivating students is thought-provoking! He says, "I believe that every child has a potential and all we need to do is to trigger that within the child. I have found that motivation plays a key role in the development of the child. When I was in Bhutan, I learnt that people measure their GDP with happiness!" 

Incredibly soft-spoken, humble, helpful and a camera-shy, Mr Sudipta gently radiates a powerful persona. His integrity has not only earned him a favourable spot in the hearts of many students and colleagues but also makes him stand-out from the rest!