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Sazil Ramani – an ‘Academy advocate’ for service and social change

“For me, the best part of school is when we have service class, because I am very keen on serving my society and helping the community around me develop faster.”
– Sazil Ramani, grade 10, Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad.

Sazil joined the Academy at its inception in 2011 and has since discovered many passions and predilections. “After coming here, I realized that I have a talent for photography, and am pretty good at design too. This year, I got to not only act in the annual summer productions as part of our drama class but also designed the posters and brochures. The Academy has given me many opportunities to prove myself, and I am sure this will help me in choosing a career in the future.”

His favourite subject is science, because he likes discovering new things, especially with regard to the realities of life and our surroundings. In particular, he enjoys scientific pursuits because they provide appropriate evidence to back the claims they make, and this makes it possible to persuade others towards positive social, economic and political change. Sazil aspires to be a mechanical engineer.

“As I am a residential student, I get a lot of opportunities to experience different aspects of life at the Academy,” says Sazil. “What I find most unique is the studious and peaceful environment, the greenery around us, the people from different backgrounds and cultures living with us, the facilities provided and the number of opportunities we get to prove our talents.”

Sazil’s biggest role model is His Highness the Aga Khan. “His hard work and dedication, his vision of a better world and his mission to improve the quality of life of those less fortunate. I have a similar vision and that’s why he inspires me.”

Watch a video Sazil made compiling visual anecdotes of diverse service experiences of his classmates and himself at various government school sites.