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Samson Suhas – swimming to a better life

“I came to this school searching for better opportunities and better facilities through which I can improve in sports and excel in music and studies,” says Samson. “I didn’t have these opportunities in my previous school and didn’t get a chance to play any sport.”

Samson Suhas Srungarapti, a grade 10 student at the Academy and a professional swimmer, represented Rangareddy district at the 2nd Telangana State Winter Aquatic Championship held in Khammam district in December 2016. He came away with the bronze medal in 100mts free style and a renewed desire to participate in not just regional, but national swimming tournaments. This was the first time he had participated in a state tournament.

“I want to be an Olympic swimmer. I want to win medals in Olympics for India. And alternatively, I love music and would like to be a music director or a music teacher in the future,” expresses Samson, who trains at the Academy pool for four hours a day when school is on, and six during holidays. “My father is my coach and my role model. He is my inspiration for choosing sports as my career. Without his support and commitment, I wouldn’t have achieved as much as I have in my swimming career from when I started in December 2015 till today.

Samson has joined a swimming club for extra support and to get his know his competition better. When he is not training, he enjoys playing football with his peers, and remembers the moment the school team won the interschool football tournament as one of the most rewarding experiences at school. His favourite subject is Mathematics, because he loves the challenge of solving a tough problem. Besides swimming, music is his other great love.   

“I find the Aga Khan Academy very balanced in giving opportunities for students to develop their skills in academics as well as sports, and that is the most unique thing about this school.”

Samson feels confident of participating at a national level in 2017, and determined to continue working hard on his speed, endurance, and agility even if it involves longer training hours. He has his eyes set on the international swimming circuit, and we wish him all the very best!