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Nabil Patel: photographer par excellence and published author

Nabil Patel is currently studying in grade 11 at the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad, where he has been a student for the last five years. "The Academy has provided me many opportunities to grow as a balanced individual and reach my true potential, both academically and athletically. In the last three years, I have been the Vice-Captain of the U-14 and U-15 football teams, and Captain of the U-16 team. Being part of a team and also having been given positions of authority has taught me about leadership and the qualities one should inculcate to be an inspiring leader."

Another passion of Nabil's that he has been encouraged and supported in pursuing is photography. He took part in the beginners and advanced Fredric Roberts Photography Workshops at the Academy in October 2015 and March 2017 respectively. Fred unleashed his talent and predilection for photography, and after the advanced workshop, he joined his team as a teaching assistant for a beginner’s workshop for Academy and government school students. With the experience and skill gained, Nabil now also runs a photography club as an after-school enrichment activity for three hours a week, to teach students how to tell stories through still images.

As part of his IB MYP (Middle Years Programme) Personal Project, he wrote a photography book to share his knowledge with those who were not as lucky as he was to have been trained by a world-renowned photographer such as Fred. In order to create a quality product, he held multiple interviews with professional photographers and spent hours collecting and clicking pictures for the book. "Many questioned the need for this book and said there were books on photography available on Amazon and other easily accessible platforms. I told them that my book is different because it starts with the basics of photography and steadily progresses to more advanced practical applications. I also wanted to write a book that was affordable for another ‘kid’ like me who could try his/her hand at photography and give it a shot." The book contains unique aspects such as ‘Section 7: A Professional’s View’ where a number of professional photographers unveil their secrets to achieve perfection and provide some quick tips. Keeping all this in mind, he decided to name the book ‘Click! Your Guide to Photography,’ which is now available for sale on Amazon at this link.

"My skill in photography has taken me a long way. I am currently working under the AKDN’s National Task Force for the Jubilee Celebrations as a photojournalist, capturing events and presenting them through my photographs. My work has been published through The Ismaili India on multiple mediums and featured in the Times of India student edition. I also assist the Aga Khan Academy’s communications department with in-house media projects and publications. Most recently, I was awarded an Outstanding Delegate Award at the India International Model United Nations held in August 2017 at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. Although I have been a longstanding participant at the Academy Model United Nations (MUN) and at other school MUNs, and have a 100%-win record in the International Press, this was my first time competing at an international forum. I came back more confident about my skills and more determined to make them better, even if it takes a lot of hard work!"