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Dania Quadri (Class of 2014): Giving back as an alumna

“Being part of an open-minded community that encouraged challenging what we were taught, the willingness to accept one another, and inspire each other to grow constantly, was very refreshing. I credit these experiences for much of whom I am today.”
– Dania Quadri, Academy alumna, class of 2014.

Dania currently studies Biomedical Science at St. George’s, University of London, UK. On her summer vacation in Hyderabad, she decided to put her time to good use through a short internship at the Academy. She was involved in teaching science and leadership to grade 7 students, and assisted with Diploma level history, biology and Theory of Knowledge classes. She was also instrumental in helping organize the Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) in September 2016.

“As I aspire to be a doctor, I feel that it is necessary to acquire experience in a role that demands care, patience and a great deal of understanding,” she explains. “I knew teaching and organising the MHAW would contribute to my personal growth and career aspirations but would also allow me to give back to my school – something very important to me.”

Through MHAW, Dania was able to contribute to reducing stigma associated with mental illness within the Academy community. “As a student myself, I know how hard it is for students who are mentally unwell to cope with studies and social life at school. I wanted to spread awareness about it being perfectly normal to feel mentally unwell, to know the difference between clinical illness and just a rough emotional phase, and to encourage students to seek help and advice if they're feeling low.”

Her internship made her realise that she was more passionate about education than she thought. She particularly enjoyed the responsibility an educator has in developing a student’s personality and knowledge. “As a teacher, it was interesting to observe school from the other side. Spending time with all the teachers made me realise how much they actually care for their students. The support is incredible at the Academy and different learning abilities are not only understood but truly valued.”