Aashish Dhammani (Class of 2015): Student into teacher | Aga Khan Academies

Aashish Dhammani (Class of 2015): Student into teacher

As an intern at the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad, you are immersed into the everyday life of teaching and learning amidst some extraordinary intellectuals. Being an Academy graduate myself, I have valued diversity in thoughts, lifestyles and priorities. In the last three months and fourteen days, that was put to test. Every day has been a learning experience, be it with peers or among guests with immense wisdom, my storehouse is now filled with a plethora of knowledge.
Interning under the Dean of Students, Aaron Jacob, my internship focused on academic support for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme students in history and theory of knowledge. Additionally, I was also a dorm parent trying to balance a variety of academic and personal issues in student life. In the process, I have developed skills of time management, communicating in a working environment, organisation and resilience under pressure. I was also involved in facilitation of the Hyderabad yearbook 2016, interaction with visitors, assisting in the making of the first IB Middle Years Programme film and various Senior School events.

The biggest challenge for me was to draw a fine line in situations between being a senior and a teacher for students. I have learnt that as a teacher, one has to make hard choices, choices that change attitudes, opinions and relationships. I had to make hard choices too. Being a dorm parent I had to be firm in order that students acknowledged and appreciated the efforts put in towards student life in the residences.
In my time here, I have grown to value the time, energy and knowledge that goes into the profession of teaching, which unfortunately is not widely respected across our Indian subcontinent. I also realised that as a teacher, you work equally as hard as any student in your class. In the future, my goal will also be to change the stereotypical image of a profession which is as challenging, enriching and rejuvenating as any other valuable profession. Teaching is reliving every day and growing individually. 

The Academy is an environment that challenges and nurtures leaders that are fearless, courageous and stewards. I have always envisioned growing up to be one myself. After this internship I am confident that my dream isn’t too far removed. I will continue to motivate myself to grow, beat the odds, acknowledge diversity and tap into the unfathomable.

I am ready to take on another journey from oblivion to self-discovery!

By Aashish Dhammani