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Senior School elects student council presidents

20 May 2019

Presidents of the student representative council for the academic year 2019-20 are Iliyan Gowlani and Ananya Shah. Elections for the position were held on 9th April 2019 with 11 candidates in the running.  

Both candidates ran campaigns about strengthening bonds within the school community, and creating greater access to school resources for all students. “I stood for elections because I was concerned about the availability and wastage of resources on campus,” said Iliyan Gowlani.

Iliyan and Ananya showed eagerness during their campaign to learn about issues faced by all students on campus and are determined to spend the coming year addressing these issues.

“In the coming year I want to improve student involvement in major SRC decisions,” said Ananya Shah. She and Iliyan will be taking their office from Nabil Patel and Samhita Patnaikuni.

Last year's SRC worked toward making improvements to student spaces like the dining hall, classrooms and common areas in dorms. They also addressed student issues, incorporating new students into existing mailing lists, and suggesting changes to the lunch menu. This was also the first batch at the Academy to design their own house jerseys, which they wore on Sports Day 2018-19. "I hope next year’s council could carry forward the changes that we made and work with the same drive that Nabil and I had," said Samhita.

We wish this year's SRC members the best and hope to see them grow into successful leaders!