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Ramya Sri Chapalamadugu: From finite skies to endless stars

16 May 2024

In the lead-up to the Class of 2024’s graduation from the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad, we will feature 12 of our graduates who have been at the Academy since Grade 1.

Below, we learn about Ramya Sri Chapalamadugu and her journey these past 12 years at the Academy.

At the heart of Ramya Sri Chapalamadugu’s academic journey lies a tale woven with the threads of resilience and camaraderie. Clutching her backpack, she stepped onto the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad 12 years ago as a six-year-old, unaware of the monumental journey she was about to experience. The hallways seemed vast and daunting at the start but soon they were like the comforting embrace of a friend.

When asked to put into words what the Academy meant to her, her eyes sparkled with memories.

“Where do I even begin?” she says. "It is like counting the stars in the sky – endless, but each one holds a special place in my heart. The Academy is more than just a school, it is a preparation for life itself.”

Every challenge Ramya encountered became a lesson and every setback became a stepping stone towards growth.

“What truly sets the Academy apart are the people, my kind of people,” she says with a heartfelt smile.

As she reflects on her time here, certain memories stand out – things that Ramya hopes will never change.

"The flow that they create is impeccable; every activity, every class, every field trip – it all unfolds with perfect timing, ensuring we receive the best possible experience," she says.

Ramya fondly recalls the tradition of the choir, which she was a part of for more than seven years.

"Those few days leading up to a choir performance were magical," she muses. "It was not just about showcasing our talent and putting together a performance; it was about building bonds and creating memories that would last a lifetime."

However, what Ramya cherishes the most about her time at the Academy is the campus itself. From the cross-country walks to watching sunsets, each moment spent at the Academy is like a treasure.

“The infrastructure and the nature here are unparalleled,” she says with a sense of awe evident in her voice.

Moreover, reflecting on her early years here, she emphasises the significance of the Junior School saying, “That is where it all began.”

"We had music concerts, plays, competitions and many more fun activities,” she says.

From dressing up as a fish for the musical “Ariel, the Little Mermaid” in Grade 1 to wearing green clothes resembling tiny plants for the play “Jack and the Beanstalk” in Grade 3, everything was a unique experience. As she traverses through the memory lane, she says these memories extend beyond mere events; they are snapshots of pure joy that were also accompanied with cherished friends.

“Twelve years here and my friend circle never stood still,” she says. "It shaped me into an introvert for some, an extrovert for others and an ambivert overall. But now as I prepare to bid farewell, I realise the friends I have now are truly the best I ever had.”

Lastly, Ramya shares some valuable advice for her juniors, “Live in the moment, time heals everything.”

Ramya believes her shy, Grade 1 self would never believe how confident and outgoing she is now. “The school gives you all the opportunities, so create the life you want,” she urges.

Ramya concludes by saying that from the first hello to this bittersweet goodbye, the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad has been her constant companion in the symphony of learning and living. 

Interviewed by Nehasvita Veeramachaneni, Diploma Programme 1