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PYP Parent Orientation

03 May 2013

PYP Parent OrientationAn orientation for parents new to the Primary Years Programme (PYP) was held on Saturday, 20 April 2013. The objective was to create an understanding of the PYP philosophy and pedagogy through hands-on experience.

Parents got a flavour of what happens in a PYP classroom, and took part in inquiry-based activities in four different stations. They got a deeper insight into what transdisciplinary teaching and learning look like in Language, Maths, Science and Social Studies in brief, crisp 20-minute sessions. The focus on concepts rather than content was clearly communicated in each station.

The whole experience was woven together by a common central idea under the theme ‘Sharing the Planet’. Parents also got an overview of the philosophy and importance of the Learner Profile in the PYP curriculum. At each station they were able to demonstrate their understanding through a variety of assessment tools such as the continuum, rubric and checklist.

At the end, parents were asked to reflect on their learning and provide feedback:

“This is a new approach, children have the freedom to express themselves, ask questions, inquire … as a student I missed a lot.”

“It’s good for parents to know how, what their child is learning at school. Whatever doubts we had about the PYP are all gone now!”

“We are impressed with the philosophy behind the PYP, creating and mentoring a personality and instilling values to become an ideal human being to lead the world for betterment.”