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Nurturing hearts and minds: Compassionate engagement with Rainbow Homes

06 September 2023

Rainbow Homes in Hyderabad, India is an abode for young orphan girls between the age of 7-16 years. It is a government-funded orphanage that strives to provide a better quality of life to these girls who anticipate a bright future ahead of them. Students at the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad have proactively taken up the Rainbow Homes project as a service activity for their CAS project. As part of the project, the students visit these young girls most weekends. During these visits, the students are always filled with enthusiasm to foster a sense of connection and act compassionately to uphold the values actively taught at the Academy. This CAS activity helps build a community of like-minded young stewards committed to making the world a better place.

By extending their support, our students are helping provide better education, care and other necessary amenities to the girls at the orphanage, contributing to their holistic development. Our students’ active commitment to the project embodies the true essence of CAS, emphasising the importance of service to others. Our students are engaged in nurturing meaningful connections with these young individuals, while also building a sense of empathy and compassion.

These visits instil a great sense of responsibility in the students for the further betterment of society. They gain insight into several social issues and challenges dominantly plaguing the current society. This service as action is not only beneficial for the girls at the Rainbow Homes but also enforces a sense of humility in the students, to think beyond self-interest and become socially responsible citizens.

The students have actively supported the girls by collecting stationery items, story books, toys, clothes and such necessities that sustain joy and comfort in their abode. Our students have engaged with the girls through several activities, such as teaching them the subject of their choice. For example, in the latest visit, the girls learning biology participated in a quiz, while the girls interested in learning English could confidently introduce themselves in the language. Furthermore, some of our students have actively taken up the role of tutors for the Grade 10 girls who have their upcoming Board examination.

Besides imparting education, our students also focus on identifying and nurturing the talents of young girls. For instance, one of the volunteers, highly skilled in Kuchipudi, shared the stage with the girls. In another session, the girls connected with nature through art. All these activities helped showcase the talents that these girls have but might not necessarily have a medium to get recognised through.

The empathy cultivated through these experiences is invaluable. It helps build a deep understanding of the diverse narratives that shape our world and compels us to act as catalysts for positive change. The students strive to not only teach but also learn, employing leadership skills and stepping towards self-development. 


A Reflection by Alishah Siraj Nathani from DP 1