Modern Literature in Translation - A bouquet of genre | Aga Khan Academies

Modern Literature in Translation - A bouquet of genre

18 November 2022

The Modern Literature in Translation held a session on ‘multiple genres’ navigating the canvas of world literature. The session covered novels from a wide spectrum of genres belonging to distinctive time periods providing the members an opportunity to share their literary interests and research. While romantic fiction through ‘The Boy Who Loved’ by Durjoy Datta was examined by Arya Farishta (MYP 4), Roman à clef was decoded by Bhaavik Blessed (MYP 5). Naisaa Goawala(DP2) explored Adventure Fiction through Gregory David Roberts’ ‘Shantaram’; Devanshi Dey (DP2) spoke on Patricia McCormick’s ‘Sold’, a novel in verse. Samiksha Shukla(DP2) underpinned the role of psychological realism in U. N. Ananthamurthy’s ‘Samskara’. While speaking about Mythical Fiction through ‘Asura: Tale of the Vanquished’, Ishita Gupta(MYP4) also alluded to Madeline Miller’s ‘The Song of Achilles’. Manvi(DP1) spoke on Psychological thriller/ Crime Fiction through Gillian Flynn’s ‘Gone Girl’. The session also underlined the value of alternative reading, the dynamics of modern retelling of classic narratives and the diversity of human condition.

Bhaavik Blessed, MYP 5