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Meet Shweta Emandi : Our new Pre-School Teacher

24 September 2021

Swetha joins the Aga Khan Academy in Hyderabad as a pre-school teacher. With a Master’s degree from Osmania University, she started her career as an army pre-school teacher eight years ago. She is passionate about ensuring her students reach their full potential and aims to provide them with a holistic leaning environment.

Swetha’s vision is to help children develop the cognitive, language, physical and social skills required to succeed in their formative years. She hopes to create a play based learning environment with child centric activities in which children can learn by doing.  This approach enables children to be responsible, confident and independent.

Swetha was inspired to join the Academy because of its excellent reputation and the quality of its teaching and students. She is excited to be part of a committed and dynamic team and glad she can share her own skills and experience.