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Making the Transition from PYP to MYP

03 May 2013

PYP–MYP TransitionThe PYP Transition Programme took place on 30 April. This programme aims to start the process through which grade 6 students make the change from PYP to MYP.

PYP–MYP TransitionThe day started off with an assembly by the grade 7 students, organized by the Hindi department. The PYP students also had a session on understanding the MYP model, which gave them a glimpse of the continuum from the PYP in terms of the Learner Profile, Fundamental Concepts and Inquiry-Based Learning.

Reflection treeThe Senior School teachers organized various activities for the students including Maths Magic, in which they  participated in challenging arithmetical cryptography puzzles. The Science department demonstrated a digital projection microscope and data loggers, and discussed lab safety and accident prevention measures. There were also student-led presentations, and activities organized by the Humanities and Music departments. The day ended with artwork: making a reflection tree.