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Kamala Vege: Finding my constant at the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad

06 May 2024

In the lead-up to the Class of 2024’s graduation from the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad, we will feature 12 of our graduates who have been at the Academy since Grade 1. 

Below, we learn about Kamala Vege's experience at the Academy, who is part of this year’s graduating class.

As a shy and introverted six-year-old, Kamala recalls her initial days at the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad, where she found herself confined in her cocoon, overshadowed by her shyness and lack of confidence to interact with the diverse personalities around her. Being a year younger than her classmates, she found it difficult to take the first step towards making lifelong friends. She vividly remembers the Junior School reading teacher at the time, Ms Alison, who provided a comforting presence and encouraged Kamala to interact with her classmates.

Over time, Kamala emerged from her shell and got to know the people around her, which instilled a profound sense of humility in her – one of the vital lessons she believes the Academy taught her. Through interactions with other students and mentors over the years, she learnt to embrace diversity, realising each person defines their uniqueness. 

“The Academy fosters diversity, with students coming from different communities and backgrounds," Kamala said. "Each student nurtures a unique quality that makes them different from the others. The Academy helped me realise my strengths and how they are different from the others.”

Kamala recounts how the Academy has been a constant and reassuring presence in her life. As a teenager, she saw the fast-paced world constantly changing around her – whether it be her friends or interests. However, the Academy remained the same through all this change. She took comfort in knowing that the big red walls of the campus would never change. With its continued effort to make ethical leaders, the Academy helped her develop principles in life. It taught her what privilege means and how to view the world from a pluralistic lens where humility is prioritised. 

Having spent 12 years at the Academy, Kamala became well-acquainted with the notion of change. While the Academy remained steady in her life, the people within it, including classmates and teachers, often transitioned in and out. These experiences taught her that clinging to the familiar can hinder personal growth. Instead, she learnt to embrace change as an opportunity for adaptation and renewal. This mindset has since become invaluable, allowing her to navigate life's transitions.

When she entered Senior School, Kamala became integral to the annual Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad Model United Nations (MUN) conferences. She believes the conferences are more than just an event; it is an opportunity to leave a legacy due to the dedication and hard work poured into organising the conferences. Additionally, the conferences fostered her public speaking skills, confidence and leadership abilities, along with widening her knowledge of global issues. The Academy has facilitated her overall development which will help her succeed in her future endeavours.

“As the world evolves, I envision the Academy’s MUN adapting and remaining relevant in addressing global issues,” she said. “I hope for the midnight crisis sessions to return as they would add an extra layer of excitement and challenge to the event.”

For Kamala, the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad has been a pillar of support and comfort throughout the past 12 years. Time flew by for her – from being a shy and introverted child on her first day of school in Grade 1 to leading the MUN and graduating as a new and improved version of herself the Academy created.

Interviewed by Shritha Sattaru, Diploma Programme 1