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Junior School teachers engage in professional development

12 November 2020

Teachers at the Junior School have been continually engaged in their professional development with the learning community both within school and outside in the global professional networks. Unabated by the challenges of distance learning, the JS team has been regularly attending in-house professional development sessions led by the Principal, Junior School and the PYP Coordinator, to review the curriculum, reflect on new pedagogical practices, reinforce their understanding and apply the enhancements in the PYP in practice. The JS leadership team has been role modelling by attending the 8-hour long global professional development From Empathy to Impact by Inspire Citizen to become SDG-empowered educators and have also been leading vertical collaborative sessions and nano-PD sessions sourced by the IB. Teachers too, have also been attending webinars and conferences to perpetuate their learning, be it the Conceptual Understanding in PE led by Mihai Catrimar or the Making Math Moments That Matter Virtual Summit.