Introducing Tanya Duckworth - our new Mathematics teacher | Aga Khan Academies

Introducing Tanya Duckworth - our new Mathematics teacher

05 August 2020

Give us a short introduction to who you are, your experience and where you are joining us from?

I am Tanya Duckworth and I'm a Mathematician, a long distance runner, a passionate teacher and a fitness enthusiast. Having changed 10 schools through my childhood, I have travelled and experienced different cultures across India. Consequently, I absolutely love interacting with new people and travelling! In the past, I worked at Symbiosis University and Teach For India, and I am really excited to be continuing my passion for teaching here at the Academy too.

What made you want to join the Academy?

After being exposed to Teach For India, I believe that excellent education cannot only be achieved inside our classrooms, but is a process that involves building strong relationships, values and communities. I feel that the Academy's vision encompasses each of these and many more, making our education holistic in nature. This drew me towards becoming a part of the Academy's team to execute excellent education for our students, who will be the future leaders of tomorrow.

Tell us your vision for teaching at the Academy?

Through my childhood, I remember most of my friends having an inherent fear of Math; and some who were great at it, never liked it either. My vision as a Math teacher is to create confident problem solvers, I would want my students to be fearless when faced with a problem. Instead of looking at Math as a language full of strange symbols and letters, I would want them to be exposed to its fun and practical side!

What you are hoping to achieve with your students this academic year?

I hope to create a comfortable learning environment in my classes where every student's voice is heard and appreciated. I also hope to make my students become fearless mathematicians who are unafraid to question, test and try.