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Introducing Anuradha Choudhuri - Our new PYP teacher

07 January 2021

Hola! My name is Anuradha Choudhuri but I prefer to be called Anoo. Although Indian, I left India about four decades ago and have finally settled in Mexico City, Mexico. Mexico City is now my home and I am a Mexican at heart! I have travelled extensively across the globe as I believe that experiences are far more important than material possessions.

I am a Primary teacher and have taught from Year 1 through to Year 6 in Asia, Americas and Europe. Prior to joining AKAH I was teaching in China. Most of my work experience has been in PYP schools and I have been a keen and active follower of the PYP methodology since its introduction in 1997. When I was offered the opportunity to join AKAH as a homeroom teacher I accepted it with enthusiasm

I am passionate about the PYP philosophy, its framework and the inquiry based yet structured learning and I delight in the challenge of communicating this pleasure to others. I like to facilitate students of any age or ability to enable them to think for themselves; and above all take pleasure in the journey, as well as the destination.

During my teaching career I have held various posts of responsibility that have helped shape and nurture my personal vision. Each one of these roles has helped me as a learner and influences my personal growth. It is a journey that I hope will continue.

During my career I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to introduce and promote the PYP philosophy and curriculum within and outside the school community. I have worked closely with members of the staff and parent communities to help attain a deeper understanding of the PYP. This experience has helped me to further my people skills and my capacity to lead others in developing academic and methodological expertise in the classroom, and an understanding of IB, as well as the School’s mission and vision in the wider community.

Through my career I have held various positions of responsibility, both curricular and administrative. Each of these roles has influenced and steered me to become a more open-minded thinker. With each experience I have striven to develop my skills in the area of people management, encouraging and inspiring students, maintaining professional, cordial and open communication with parents,

As parents and teachers of the 21st century we often ask ourselves what will the world be like, for our next generation. We tell ourselves that we must do this or do that because we want to leave a better world for our next generation. For me the question is not what quality of world am I leaving behind for our children but what quality of children am I leaving behind for this world?

This pandemic of COVID-19 has changed our world as we know it completely. We are all talking about the “new normal”. However, I believe that “normal” is just a setting on a device. Being a teacher is the essential connection between what is and what can be. Education matters when it affects and resonates with the teacher and students creating it. We need standards, assessments and trajectories so all our students are exposed to a high-quality, cohesive education. And we also need to create space for students and teachers to find their voice in these standards, assessments and trajectories of study.

I believe in leading by example and am always willing to be an active and flexible participant in a hard-working team and one that demonstrates a passion for an education committed to excellence.

I believe that it is my responsibility as an educator to empower students to learn about, learn through and learn to use, as they learn to show and learn to be.

My education philosophy is best described in these words by Margaret Mead “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”