International School Library Week Celebrations | Aga Khan Academies

International School Library Week Celebrations

31 October 2019

International School Library Week was celebrated from Monday, 21st October 2019 to Friday, 25th October 2019. Students from the Academy's Junior and Senior Schools participated in several global projects and activities to articulate the importance of libraries and to create a community of avid readers.

As students resumed school after their first-semester break, a new and an energising arrangement welcomed them at the Academy. The school library was beautifully recreated into a vibrant learning space. There were colourful posters inviting students to participate in global projects, which formed an integral part of the week-long celebrations. These global activities included a book-making collaboration with students in Portugal, Croatia, Lithuania and Slovenia. "It was heartwarming to see intense student engagement and enthusiasm in celebrating International School Library week. Students demonstrated creativity in making beautiful and innovative bookmarks. They even included small messages and texts that were so inspiring!" says Ms Madhu Bhargwa, who joined the Academy as the Head of Library.

Another fun-driven project, ‘Bingo' reading program, drew student attention in large numbers. Each participant was given a random chit with riddles about a book. Students had to look through bookshelves and pick the right books. This activity encouraged students to explore their school library and also to familiarise themselves with different genres and authors.

While MYP students were busy displaying their artistic skills, students in grade 1 and 2 got an opportunity to skype with an award-winning author Ms Deepa Agarwal. The author told stories written by her and also answered some of the students' questions. It was an interactive session and students were thrilled to speak to a real author!

International School Library week celebrations concluded with Ms Renu Chamarty's visit to the Junior School on Friday, 25th October 2019. Ms Renu who is a notable Storyteller and Puppeteer mesmerised the students with a fun musical storytelling session. Students were in awe of her inspiring presentation and enjoyed every bit of her musical narratives!