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INSET Week: A sneak-peek at the Academy’s preparation for 2019-20

08 August 2019

The Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad embarked on a new academic year 2019-20 with one-week In-Service Education Training (INSET) programme held primarily for all Academy faculty and staff from 29July to 02 August 2019.

The objective of INSET was to promote teacher agency, collaboration and deeper understanding of the current curriculum through a variety of activities and practices involving interactive sessions, creative workshops and presentations.

Dr Jonathan Long, the Head of Academy, commenced the programme by introducing new teachers and staff to all the participants present. Dr Long spoke about his philosophy of an education institution and how he envisions to lead the vision and mission set by His Highness the Aga Khan towards creating a more ethical and an enriching learning environment.

Members from the Senior Leadership of the Aga Khan Academies- Dr Graham Ranger, Academic Director and Ms Alexandra Holland, Curriculum Development Manager, provided guidance to the programme and spoke at length about key objectives outlined for the Academy in the current academic year.

Ms Mita, an ICT teacher at Junior School (JS), shares her experience at the INSET week: “After a rejuvenating eight weeks’ vacation, the first week was jam-packed with different sessions. On the first day, all the teachers met and reflected on the previous academic year and set goals for the current academic year. The last day was reserved for classroom preparation. Our enthusiastic teachers worked the whole day cleaning and organising their respective classrooms. And before the week ended, the JS corridors were flaunting bright colourful welcome boards for our students!”

The zeal and enthusiasm with which the Academy teachers and staff collaborated with each other only proves that the Academy is prepared for yet another productive year!