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A 'Green' Initiative

19 September 2022

The Green Team invited guests from the Recykal Foundation to deliver a lecture last week. Ms Damini Malhotra, Program Coordinator, Recykal Foundation, shed light on recycling, upcycling, waste management, and more. She was accompanied by her colleague Ms Chandana.

Hyderabad-based start-up, Recykal is ‘driving efficiencies in India’s highly fragmented waste management sector by deploying technology-enabled solutions for all its stakeholders across India’s waste management and recycling value chain. The company works with several of the world’s largest consumer brands to assist them in implementing sustainability solutions in India.’

The Recykal Foundation is an off-shoot of Recykal. Apart from responsible waste management initiatives, the foundation intends to ‘recognise and dignify the contribution of ‘waste workers’ in India.’

Shifa Lalani, a DP2 student, found the talk insightful and inspirational. “Ms Damini highlighted the ways in which we can establish a sense of responsibility within ourselves in order to take care of our future. 'Only we can bring the change we want to see,” she says. “We also discussed issues that may be caused if plastic is not upcycled correctly; Plastics start to break down into microplastics which in turn cause harm to the environment. This talk couldn’t have happened at a better time. We launched a recycling initiative for plastics and paper on campus and Ms Damini’s talk comprehensively covered pertinent topics like facilitating an ecosystem for responsible waste disposal.