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Good Governance, Good Leaders

21 June 2022

A big hello from Aaniqa and Raghu, your Student Representative Council Presidents (SRC) for the year 2021 – 22!

It’s been an amazing experience learning and growing along with the rest of the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad family this year. We still remember the day our election results were announced, when our roles were announced to the rest of the Academy. We were filled with joy knowing that our collective drive to contribute to the student body was officially recognized. We both understood the magnitude of our roles and responsibilities as Student Presidents and we were aware of the arduous journey we had to partake in for the betterment of our community. Looking back at it all, it was an experience that we could never get tired of and will cherish for the rest of our lives.

The biggest takeaway for us from our time as Presidents at the Academy is the importance of persistence. Most of our ideas and plans would never have been implemented in the first place if not for our persistent attitude. This is the same advice we would like to give to the incoming Presidents: be persistent. Furthermore, it was really important to make sure we communicated with the entire student body and teachers to truly understand the concerns within our community. 

We believe that this year was monumental to the future of the SRC’s Executive Board. Our EB members’ roles were finally modified and established to cater for the various needs of the community. It gives us immense pride to know that our contribution has paved the way for the Student Council’s growth in the coming years at our Academy.

Finally, we want to say that working with students across the Academy has driven us to contribute to creating the best learning environment at AKA Hyderabad. The Student Council will only keep growing further to create a pluralistic student-friendly community.