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Garv Joshi: A journey worth reminiscing

15 May 2024

In the lead-up to the Class of 2024’s graduation from the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad, we will feature 12 of our graduates who have been at the Academy since Grade 1.

Below, we learn about Garv Joshi’s memorable journey at the Academy, which he calls home.

For Garv Joshi, graduating in a few days is more than completing a 12-year journey at the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad; it is about bidding farewell to everything he called home. Being the child of a member of the faculty, Garv recalls having lived on campus for as long as he could remember. As the Academy is a home away from home for most students, for Garv, it is a family.

When asked about the impact the Academy has had on his life, Garv shares that the Academy not only transformed his persona but created the foundation of his identity. The values taught at the Academy, as envisioned by His Highness the Aga Khan, instilled the qualities of open-mindedness and ethical leadership in him. The high-quality education he received from skilled and dedicated International Baccalaureate teachers enriched his learning, carving out a path of success for him. The bright red hallways, the picturesque landscape and the supportive peers and mentors are all testament to his journey of personal and academic growth.

Garvs’s eyes gleamed with nostalgia as he recollected his first interactions with his friends and teachers in Grade 1. The nervous introductions, warm embrace of teachers and playful activities with new friends are the memories he will cherish forever. Through these memories and the mentoring he received at the Academy, Garv was able to become a spirited young adult awaiting the next chapter of his life.

“The Academy gave me several opportunities that were vital in developing my interpersonal skills, leadership qualities and creative thinking,” he said. “The Academy nurtured my passion and empowered me as an internationally minded and culturally rooted lifelong learner.”

Garv also talks about the importance of "advocating for diversity" and "how the Academy nurtures an environment that appreciates differences and brings them together to build the foundation for a pluralistic society.” He asserts that the Academy is the reason he is an accepting, tolerant and resilient person today. 

When asked about aspects of the Academy he would never want to see altered, Garv exclaimed joyously, "Wednesday Biryani! This delicacy is synonymous with comfort, a habit and a flavourful memory,” he says. "For the students of the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad, it is a reflection of their shared joys.”

Garv also wishes the beautiful cross-country track and the lush green landscape at the Academy remain unaltered. “The beauty of the Academy is incomparable; the vibrance of the over-100-acre campus is a haven for the students.”

Besides academics, Garv showed a keen interest in extracurricular activities, especially in the Academy’s theatre circle. He recollects his first stage performance as a tailor in Grade 6 and how he enjoyed playing his part. Furthermore, the bonds he developed with his friends backstage will stay with him forever. Besides playing an actor, Garv’s passion for theatre got him the responsibilities of a production leader, an assistant director and a mentor.

“I am confident that with every production, I have made a significant contribution to the Academy that will remain forever,” he says. "I wish to pursue theatre as a passion – a testament to my love and devotion for this art form.”

Garv further reflects on what it was like to be a student who is also the child of a faculty member. As a residential student, he received the best of what the Academy offers. He goes on to express his gratitude to all his friends, management and faculty members for being inclusive and never treating him differently, which gave him the satisfaction of self-achievement and fulfilment. 

As a responsible senior about to graduate, Garv wishes to share a message with his juniors. "Always be true to who you are because who you are determines what you grow up to be. Regardless of what you do in life, being true to yourself will take you to your goals and dreams."

As Garv bids adieu to his home for 12 years, he hopes to inspire the future generations of the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad's growing community. 

Interviewed by Anupama Sadaram, Diploma Programme 1