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First inter-school Theory of Knowledge conference 2019

11 November 2019

The Academy hosted its first inter-school Theory of Knowledge (ToK) conference on Friday, October 25th in the AB basement. The theme of the conference was 'the motif of power'. The conference was attended by Academy students studying the IB Diploma Programme (DP) as well as by Academy faculty. Two schools, Indus International School and Johnson Grammar School, had also participated in the conference, thus turning the event into a compelling success! 

Theory of Knowledge (ToK) which forms an integral part of the IB Diploma Programme curriculum encourages students to establish in-depth connections of their learnings across subjects. Students learn to explore the multiple perspectives of solving a complex problem. Mr Sudeep Ghosh, ToK Coordinator, in his words, summaries the importance of such an event, "The sole purpose of hosting this conference was to create a shared network of dialogue-makers in enriching the fascinating journey of knowledge enterprise. It was also aimed at tapping into the richness of ideas in pursuing truths and weaving together a vibrant tapestry of discerning ideas and forward-looking perspectives." 

The entire conference was divided into two sessions: pre-lunch and post-lunch. These sessions were further disseminated into 8 entry points that revolved around the theme, 'the motif of power'.

Pre-lunch session was student-focussed that gave way to a synergy of interesting conversations that helped in articulating ideas and arguments amongst the students. "The ToK Conference was a great learning experience which reassured the relevance of concepts like power and the merit of multiple perspectives. The argument on whether memory plays a role in historic knowledge was what intrigued me the most.’ recalls Rida Virani, DP 2 of the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad. 

Post-lunch session, on the other hand, was pedagogically driven as it was organised for teachers. Here, the facilitators of ToK spoke on diverse topics concerning the given entry points.  

Ms Malathi Ramaswamy, IB DP Coordinator, Johnson Grammar School, says "The conference was a worthy initiative that provided a common platform for students from different schools to ideate on and discuss ToK. The exposure and opportunity that it provided will surely help the students in their ToK journey."  

Ms Koel Ray, Principal, Academy Senior School, beautifully conceptualises her experience of the conference as, "One of the most rewarding experience as a teacher is the constant engagement with young adults and their ever-changing, dynamic views of life. The nature of the subject of TOK is essentially this exploration of the dynamism of knowledge and perspective. The conference inspired us to think, to question without inhibition and finally, if not to change completely but at least, and most importantly, to realize that there may be another perspective!"