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Farm Bless - let's preserve our farmers

20 July 2020

Farm Bless is a  supply chain I started, through which, providing essential goods such as fruits and vegetables which are brought directly from the farmers and given to the consumers. With the logistical help of my father, today I am able to deliver to about on average 60 families per a day. The first day when I started this, when I got all the vegetables and fruits, I had gotten 3 orders, and the number increased, but we were not getting more than 5 per day for about 5 days, but without losing hope, I waited for a few more days. As days passed the number of orders increased rapidly.

As the lockdown started in the country, many farmers were not able to transport their produce across states, and few farmers were throwing away their produce as it had become difficult for them to place their cultivation in stores. I took this as an opportunity to help farmers in getting their produce to households. Another agenda with this was also to limit the number of people going outside, which would again limit the spread of viruses.

This startup/ idea has always been something close to me, and getting the opportunity to bring to reality has given me the opportunity to spread awareness about the importance of farmers in our society.

Dabbara Hema Sree ‘20