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English Peace Project

05 November 2019

Students of grade 8 were engaged in an integrated activity of English and Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) in the form of 'Peace Project' on Wednesday, 30th October 2019. The event which took place in the AB basement was attended by Academy teachers and young minds of grade 5.

English Peace Project was carried as a conclusion activity of the students' unit in English, which dealt with peace and conflict. The unit on peace and conflict gave students an outlook on the types of conflicts, their causes and emphasised on identifying peaceful resolutions.

The event kick-started with some thought-provoking presentations and performances showcased by students of grade 8. Some of the major highlights of the project was inspirational skits performed on noble peacemakers like Nelson Madela and Malala Yousufzai, dance performances, songs and some fun games. In addition to these, students had also set-up multiple stations that promoted peace and gave insightful inferences on some enthralling topics like pop culture, peace-making through apology, etc. Students also motivated their fellow mates to keep trying and to never give up on something so easily.

Congratulating students on their success and appreciating their in-depth understanding of peace, Ms Saloni Chesney, English teacher for MYP 2, shares her views on students' presentations, "I observed that every student had a different perspective on peace. Few students believed that equality leads to peace, some thought peace to be an equivalent to kindness; for some, it was meditation, while for others, peace was inner happiness! Regardless of what they refer to peace as they all have learnt one significant lesson - that peace is subjective and that we should strive to accept different ways of maintaining peace! I am so happy that students were able to display their understanding of the unit so innovatively!"

The Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad believes in providing an enriching and a holistic learning experience to all its students. The ultimate aim of the Academy is to enable young people to realise their true potential that would enable them to grow into ethical homegrown leaders and to bring about a positive change in their respective communities.