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Eco-ambassadors go green with the Times of India

04 December 2017
The Times of India organized an eco-ambassador workshop at the Academy on 2nd December. 
Grades 8 and 9 students participated in the Times of India’s eco-ambassador workshop this Saturday.
In accordance with His Highness’s mission of fostering good environmental stewardship, the event centered around issues of clean energy and sustainable agriculture.
Vasanthi Thandlam, English teacher and member of the Green Committee, commented, “We all share the Earth. We must implement green practices in our homes and offices that reduce waste, conserve natural resources, and protect biodiversity. Together, we will reduce our carbon footprint.”
“The Earth is not only for us, but for all,” remarked student participant Zoya Virani. 
Zoya and her peers arrived at various short and long term solutions to these environmental issues, such as requesting the Dean of Students at the Academy to use newspapers in the tuck shop instead of plastic bags. 
“It’s our responsibility to spread this information to others,” said participant Bahar Abbassi. 
Thanks for helping create a greener, more sustainable future!