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DP2 student volunteers during the lockdown

08 July 2020

Recently during the lockdown in Hyderabad, I volunteered for an organization who serves food for the people who do not have any. The day I went to serve food I had tears in my eyes, it was so painful to see people  from the elderly to small kids in need of food and water, there was literally a huge line made to just get one packet of food and water. I also went to serve migrant workers, they were in a huge number, everyone kept in a big function hall, and were waiting to go back to their hometown. At that moment I understood the value of food and water, they were so happy to get one packeT of food and some wanted to two because they had not eaten in almost two days, which an officer told me later. I have really learnt so much from this experience, learnt the value of food, water and shelter.

Nakshatra Reddy