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The door to a world of opportunities and accomplishments

19 May 2023

Thanish Ramaswamy first walked into the campus of the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad, as an apprehensive seven-year-old. Over the years, he has broken out of his cocoon and transformed into a self-assured young person, equipped with skills to take on the world.

In the 12 years, Thanish has established strong attachments with the campus and the people of the Academy. He has witnessed the school growing in full swing – from the yearly influx of new classmates to advancements in academics and the construction of new buildings and infrastructure. Despite these changes, one location has remained a constant in his time in school: the Academy Building, better known as the AB. Thanish fondly reminisces over all the times he’s spent at the AB. Thanish said, “That place itself is loaded with not one but a bundle of memories.” The Academy has grown to be Thanish’s second home in more ways than one, and he’s been able to pursue numerous activities and initiatives of his interest. Learning football and partaking in treks organised for the International Award for Young People demonstrate Thanish’s interest in athletic activities.

Thanish also led the activities of the Web Development Experiential Learning Club. He initiated the club to spark a passion for website creation among younger students by enabling them to learn web development coding languages. The club focuses on teaching students web development coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, the installation of an integrated development environment, and the process of creating short web games. This also corresponds to Thanish’s future aspirations in the field of computer science. He had also opted for computer science, physics and information technology in a Global Society at the higher level in the Diploma Programme as these subjects aligned with his passion for learning computer science and artificial intelligence.

When Thanish’s family first considered enrolling him in the Academy, what stood out to them were its international education standards. The Academy has been a microcosm that opens doors to the wider world for Thanish. He cites collaboration and time management as the vital skills he earned from his experience at school, and these are his biggest takeaways from the Academy. Initially shy and hesitant to speak to others, Thanish has come to understand the value of stepping out of his comfort zone and overcoming his fears. He is now empowered with self-confidence, which he says he owes to his peers and facilitators.

At the brink of the completion of his journey at the Academy, the thought of leaving his second home is heart-wrenching for him. Being a student of the Academy is an experience that he expresses with great pride to others. He feels a deep sense of gratitude towards everyone associated with the Academy. With the values he imbibed throughout his journey, Thanish looks forward to embarking on his future endeavours and returning to the Academy as a thriving individual.

Interviewed by Sarah Nathani, Diploma Programme One