Children’s Day celebrated with vigour and enthusiasm | Aga Khan Academies

Children’s Day celebrated with vigour and enthusiasm

22 November 2019

Children's Day is celebrated on 14th November every year to commemorate the birth anniversary of India’s first Prime Minister Pandit Jawarharlal Nehru, who firmly believed that children are the future of the nation. Students were up for some fun and treats as the Junior School celebrated this day with great enthusiasm and vigour in the Junior School library.

Students flocked around the campus in colourful attires, turning the entire school into one big vibrant canvas! The day kick-started with a special morning assembly where Talent Show was organised. An audition for it was held in the previous week. The Talent Show showcased some brilliant acts and performances by students which included singing, dancing, magic show, skating, hula hoops, martial arts, playing musical instruments and many more! In no time, the Junior School assembly turned itself into an electrifying ambience when the students from the daycare danced to some groovy music, who were soon accompanied by students from other grades.

Reeva Ratnani of grade 5K anchored the show with her brilliant and witty remarks. The enthusiastic audience was completely mesmerised by the spellbound performances. But the celebrations didn’t just end here! An in-house Carnival was waiting for the students in the Boulevard from 2 pm to 3: 15 pm.

The Carnival was a host to many fun games like tail the donkey, dart games, throw the ring, musical chairs, basketball, etc. Prizes for the games were face painting, tattoo stickers and photo booths.

Along with some fun games, students also enjoyed some yummy food. There were three food counters set-up by the Academy staff and faculty which included paani poori, lemonade and pop-corns. In continuation of its efforts towards stewardship, Academy Junior School encouraged students to bring steel bowls, spare snack containers and steel glasses from their homes. Students also brought some money to buy food items from the food stalls. Junior School will utilise all the profits accumulated from the food stalls towards purchasing more playing equipment. 

All the students had a gala time with the celebrations. Lokapriya from grade 4A exclaims, “It was super fun and exciting! I loved the talent show because I was able to see my friends’ hidden talents. I liked all the carnival games. The lunch was yummy too!”