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Celebrating the Academy's unsung heroes

05 November 2018

On Monday 29th October 2018, the support staff of our school were in for a treat as they settled in their seats to witness an event to appreciate, honour and entertain them. We thought it necessary to organise this because our school runs efficiently because of them. We are able to thrive in this environment because of them, and we feel they don’t get the recognition they deserve. The event, titled ‘The Unsung Heroes,’ took place during morning assembly at the Commons.

We have annual teachers’ day celebrations, but what about those who are not teaching faculty? This was the thought that spurred my fellow classmates and myself to organise a special event for those in our school who work tirelessly to ensure smooth functioning of the system. We wanted this event to be exclusively dedicated to these individuals in a bid to celebrate and appreciate their efforts. The assembly was attended by staff from the housekeeping, kitchen, security and gardening departments, along with Senior School students and faculty.

As the excitement on the faces of individual staff members would suggest, the event was full of entertainment and joy. The Academy’s choir group treated the audience to a choral presentation, and Asawari from grade 10 performed a Kuchipudi dance performance along with other students she had taught the dance form to. Vignesh from grade 11 delivered a speech in Telugu, and Alvina from grade 11 recited an English poem, both in honour of the workforce. The heads of several departments were called on stage and presented with bundles of ‘thank you’ certificates for their entire teams. Also during the event, a video on the work done around the school was presented to help students realise the efforts of the support staff. In addition, all staff members were gifted tiffin boxes and treated to sweets and snacks following the event.

Students and teachers acknowledged the thought behind organising such an event to be a very noble one. The Academy’s mission statement states that Academy graduates will be empowered as stewards to make a positive contribution in a changing world. I realised its importance when I was exiting the Commons after the event, and one of the housekeeping members said to me, “It is a big thing that you all thought about us. What you gave us today were not gifts; for us, it is happiness.”

Written by Iliyan Hariyani, grade 11