Bonfire Night on campus | Aga Khan Academies

Bonfire Night on campus

16 October 2021

On Thursday, the 14th of October, the residential students who’ve been spending their October break on campus decided to experiment with an activity rarely done before. Our enormous campus has a number of spaces that have remained untouched by students which can be creatively used for different recreational activities. With this thought in mind, few of the Student Executive Board members who remained on campus, with the help of teachers in charge, found an area less occupied by trees to set up a bonfire.

The night started with the ignition of a large pyramid fire by security guards which eventually brightened the atmosphere. Students gathered on cushions and enjoyed the cozy feeling of the night within one meter’s distance from the pyramid fire. Whilst some enjoyed the view of the bonfire as the tiny embers of fire flew into the night sky, others engaged in dancing and jamming to a variety of songs.

Fueled with snacks like ice cream, muffins, and chocolate milkshake, everyone energetically engaged in the traditional game of Antakshari. Not only students, but teachers participated as well. From Hindi songs of the late 90s and Telugu songs of different genres to a variety of Afghani songs, all made their way into the game. As the bonfire fire cooled down and innumerable songs were sung by the two teams, students made their way back to their dorms after unofficially marking an end to their quarter break spent on campus. 

Written by Farkhunda Fazelyar, student in Diploma Programme 2