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AKDN enhances PYP Exhibition preparations

18 February 2021

PYP students have been busy conducting surveys and interacting with guest speakers to understand perspectives to the local and global issues they are researching. We have been fortunate to tap into senior officials from various agencies in the AKDN. The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) works in over 30 countries around the world. It operates over 1,000 programmes and institutions and employs 96,000 people, the majority of whom are based in developing countries where it works to improve the welfare and prospects of people. Students from the group ‘Masters of the Economy’ inquiring into economics for development interacted with CA. (Dr.) Cassem Rajabali, Chief Finance Officer, Prince Aly Khan Hospital. Students learnt about what it means to provide equal access to economic activities and resources in order to build an equitable society In the health sector. He also explained how this is achieved by the Aga Khan Health Services.

Students from the group ‘Health Heroes’ inquiring into equal access to health, engaged with Dr. Swati Jha, Director, Community Health and Research, Aga Khan Health Service and learnt a great deal about how the agency supports health awareness and provides health care services. Students from the groups ‘Nature’s Knights’, ‘Enviro Saviours’ and ‘Climate Champions’ inquiring into ways to protect the environment, had a wonderful session with Ms. Anita Miya, Head of Aga Khan Agency for Habitat, Mumbai and her team (Mr. Sachin Marti and Mr. Bashir Lakha), where they learnt about the environment and how the AKAH is working to protect and preserve the environment and trying to bring balance in nature with the growing needs of mankind. Mr. Sachin is working specifically in Maharashtra with tribal communities in water conservation. Mr Basir is the Programme Coordinator for habitat improvement through improving hygiene and health practices in schools and is based in Gujarat. Both of them shared their experiences to inspire our students.