AKAHMUN 2022 | Aga Khan Academies


11 November 2022

AKAHMUN Conference 2022

As with all AKAHMUN conferences, these three days encompassed extremely enthusiastic delegates having to make clever yet hilarious defences for their countries, IP journalists on the edges of their seats with their ears wide open awaiting news-worthy statements, photojournalists scurrying around from pillar-to-post to capture the students in action, all while the Executive board professionally and responsibly, led their committees successfully.  

Day one commenced when suited-students entered the Academy with their heads held high! Curiosity and ardour filled the early morning air at 8:20 AM. Thought provoking dances, music, and sanguine delivery of literature, Dr Long’s life lesson shared via an African wooden puzzle, and lastly an insightful speech by this year’s chief guest, Mr Vikram Jain, all inspired students to carry a fervour throughout the upcoming three days of diplomatic conversations and action.   

The students walked into the second day garbed in vivid Indian traditional with twinkling faces eager to continue the heated discussions from day one. The mementos from today created history unlike any other! You can read about them and other such moments in the “MUNday Times here.” We even had such emotional investment from the EB to the point that gavels were broken, and tables were dented as a result. “Delegates decorum! Delegates decorum!” echoed throughout every inch of the campus. The slipping of tongues, flipping of chairs, turning of tables and raised fists made for unforgettable moments, too! The most coveted event of the conference; Day 2’s social night! Students temporarily danced their worries away as they took a break from the intense committee proceedings as far. The music and laughter carried into the night, and that was that. 

It comes as no surprise that the MUN, in general, benefits students vastly. Aside from contributing to a student’s resume, the MUN provides students a platform to interact with each other, as in the real world. It enables students to gauge worldly matters through a lens of maturity and partake in discussions surrounding intra and international affairs that affect us all. The MUN is one conference that negates a sense of complacency and ignorance through imbuing students with a mind-set of leadership, responsibility and change-making. Be it a delegate, journalist or the EB, research, critical thinking skills, effective articulation, team-work and cooperation, public speaking, among others, are at the heart of fulfilling these roles. What makes the AKAHMUN particularly unique is that international-mindedness, true diplomacy, ethical resolves and more are hallmarks of the resolution-drafting process. 

Ruth Shastry, a student in DP1

Yesasvi Koganti of DP1, a journalist part of the ICJ (International Court of Justice) this AKAHMUN has to say, “The AKAHMUN gave me an opportunity to live my dream of being a journalist. Additionally, it also enriched my understanding of global issues and global politics. Being a journalist, My favourite moment had to be the press conference, where I utilized my debating skills to put delegates on the spot! It was extremely fun and entertaining.”


The AKAHMUN is a source of skills, fun, critical thinking and a look into what it’s like to be an adult contributing to the real world. 


“Bam!” struck the gavel yet another time, and the conference was deemed closed; AKAHMUN 2022 just became yet another eventful story in our collective memory.