The AKAHMUN’21 Curtain Call | Aga Khan Academies

The AKAHMUN’21 Curtain Call

25 October 2021

Another year, another successful Model United Nations conference at the Aga Khan Academy Hyderabad (AKAHMUN). This event has become a landmark in the school calendar; a weekend students eagerly and nervously look forward to every year, and the AKAHMUN never disappoints. Like all, this edition followed in the footsteps of its predecessors, specifically in one major aspect, being held and organized virtually like AKAHMUN’20. However, this did not compromise on the quality of debate and the exhibition of leadership and collaboration at the conference. 

The AKAHMUN can be perceived as a microcosm of our school’s mission and vision. It aims to create a forum and provide a platform to fearless and international-minded leaders and learners who are driven to create positive change in the world, collaborating and coming up with a creatively and critically thought and well-planned resolution. Acting as diplomats and members of the International Press (IP) allows them to bring about “Revolution with a Resolution”, as the tagline of the sixth AKAHMUN conveys. This deeply-rooted connection of the AKAHMUN to our school’s purpose is one of the things that makes it unique.

The sixth edition of this conference produced a turn-out that is unheard of for these virtual events. More than 200 participants were glued to their screens on the 8th, 9th and 10th of October, as they actively listened to their peers, spoke their minds and brimmed with curiosity. This included people from separate time-zones as well, with students from the Maputo and Mombasa academies participating in the conference and continuing to strengthen the bond of the sister academies and the Academy network. Alongside, there was participation of students from various schools of differing educational boards within Hyderabad.

Crucially, the AKAHMUN provided an opportunity for many first-time delegates and journalists to discover their passions for debate, public-speaking, lobbying and writing, which helped build their confidence. In its Executive Board (EB) too, there was a blend of new leaders and those highly experienced, which provided training and experience for the former, and a refreshing perspective for the latter. This is reflected in the success of the committees in passing a resolution, and the press conferences that startled every delegate in question. The press conferences at AKAHMUN are infamous and memorable, as they are conducted in a manner unlike any other; especially, the one that lasted two hour at the Security Council this year. These encounters allow not only the press, but also the EB and the core team to question delegates, which ensures the committee is thoroughly informed of a country’s stance before forming an alliance with them, and is a reminder of accountability and caution for the diplomats. The inconsistent use of flashlights in them, meant to create an atmosphere of seriousness and intimidation are also a quirk of the AKAHMUN.

Lastly, it would be a disservice to not commend the impeccable hard work and dedication of the Secretariat, Ms. Afeera and Ms. Koel. What seemed like three days to most, was three months of fretting, exclusively late night meetings, marketing, excel sheets and phone calls for them. This team, constituted of DP students from the Academy brilliantly executed a virtual conference that exceeded expectations, and continues to remind our community of the importance and capability of the youth in action.

Written by Soha Jiwani (a student in Diploma Programme 2), Head of Journalism